Shelf Companies

List of Australian Pre-Registered Companies available for sale

Obtaining your very own Australian pre-registered, shelf company is easy. We are specialists in the provision of high quality shelf company solutions. All Co 4 You pre-registered companies are incorporated in-house by our senior consultants. As such, we guarantee that every company we present is 100% clean with no trading history.

We provide the quickest and safest way to purchase a shelf company currently available. Most of our process is online and automatic. We present a truly unique and first-rate solution for the Australian market. Our expert staff, with your cooperation, will ensure that the entire purchase and ordering process is completed in a straightforward and timely manner.

A.C.N. 67334XXXX (shelf company #3817) 3 month old company
Registered in November 2023 (1)
ABN & TFN ready1 Never traded
Buy Now A$1,265.25A$1,205.00
A.C.N. 67233XXXX (shelf company #3809) 4 month old company
Registered in October 2023 (1)
ABN & TFN ready1 Never traded
Buy Now A$1,317.75A$1,255.00
A.C.N. 67082XXXX (shelf company #3655) 6 month old company
Registered in August 2023 (1)
ABN & TFN ready1 Never traded
Buy Now A$1,422.75A$1,355.00
A.C.N. 66995XXXX (shelf company #3648) 7 month old company
Registered in July 2023 (1)
ABN & TFN ready1 Never traded
Buy Now A$1,475.25A$1,405.00

1 All companies are ABN and TFN ready, meaning that you may register for a company ABN and TFN immediately after the company is transferred or, at your discretion, free of charge at

NOTE ON PRIVACY: Full ACN is not displayed for privacy of future owner. Google cache may retain information showing the company was available as a Shelf Company.
NOTE ON AVAILABILITY: Other shelf companies of various ages may be available on request. Please contact us if you do not find what you are looking for in our online Shelf Company list.
NOTE ON PRICING: All prices are listed in Australian dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of GST (if applicable).