About Us

Co 4 You is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual team of professionals with an excess of 65 years combined practical experience in business planning, registered agent services, management and corporate administration and compliance. Our key objective is to provide first-rate solutions which support local and foreign professionals and corporations to better enable them to access and compete in the Australian marketplace.

Co 4 You

Co 4 You is an initiative driven by strong demand from our professional and non-professional network brought to life by our team of founding specialists leveraging decades of accumulated experience from both in and outside of the corporate sector.

Our pre-registered company platform is used by a broad range of organisations and individuals to efficiently and securely establish, expand, or transfer their businesses to, or in, Australia.

Why choose Co 4 You

Time is critical for you and our team understands what it takes to achieve success without cutting corners or taking unnecessary risks. Building a solid foundation for your corporate structure, regardless of its size, should not be rushed and should always be viewed as an absolute necessity. Purchasing a pre-registered company through our online platform engages robust, state of the art software which links directly with ASIC company registers enabling you to seamlessly and securely achieve your objectives with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Local and International Expertise

Co 4 You is privileged to assist a variety of clients in Australia and in overseas jurisdictions including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and more. Our in-house skills plus our domestic and international network of professional associates in banking, law, accounting, immigration, import / export, software engineering and other specialist services combine to provide a tried and tested resource that will benefit your business on multiple levels.

Our mission, as we see it, is to support the Australian economy by providing our diverse clientele with consistently first-rate products and services and by doing so, play an increasing part in encouraging the ongoing prosperity of our great nation!