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Financial Year 2022

A.C.N. 65494XXXX (shelf company #3096) 10 month old company
Registered in October 2021 (1)
ABN & TFN ready1 Never traded
Buy Now A$1,942.50A$1,850.00
A.C.N. 65395XXXX (shelf company #2950) 11 month old company
Registered in September 2021 (1)
ABN & TFN ready1 Never traded
Buy Now A$2,047.50A$1,950.00
A.C.N. 65312XXXX (shelf company #2944) 12 month old company
Registered in August 2021 (1)
ABN & TFN ready1 Never traded
Buy Now A$2,152.50A$2,050.00

Financial Year 2021

A.C.N. 65144XXXX (shelf company #2938) 14 month old company
Registered in June 2021 (FY2021)
ABN & TFN ready1 Never traded
Buy Now A$2,782.50A$2,650.00
A.C.N. 65040XXXX (shelf company #2763) 15 month old company
Registered in May 2021 (FY2021)
ABN & TFN ready1 Never traded
Buy Now A$2,887.50A$2,750.00

1 All companies are ABN and TFN ready, meaning that you may register for a company ABN and TFN immediately after the company is transferred or, at your discretion, free of charge at

NOTE ON PRIVACY: Full ACN is not displayed for privacy of future owner. Google cache may retain information showing the company was available as a Shelf Company.
NOTE ON AVAILABILITY: Other shelf companies of various ages may be available on request. Please contact us if you do not find what you are looking for in our online Shelf Company list.
NOTE ON PRICING: All prices are listed in Australian dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of GST (if applicable).

Director ID

Director Identification Number

Did you know that all directors must now apply for a Director ID? A director ID is a unique identifier that all directors (foreign and domestic) must by law, apply for once and keep forever. The purpose of director IDs is to help prevent the use of false or fraudulent director identities. See more information here.

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  • Accountants – tried, tested and supremely reliable
  • Lawyers – efficiency prioritised and complete document set provided
  • ASIC Registered Agents – direct integration with ASIC software
  • Other Professionals – quick and easy, peerless solutions
  • Regular Individuals – simple steps, direct results

What we provide?

  • Fast transfer of ownership
  • Full electronic company documents, including the constitution
  • All companies come ABN and TFN ready