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Once you are certain that you want to start a business and have the basics in place, there is nothing worse than waiting on paperwork and permits. A shelf company purchased from Co 4 You can get you started much faster and give you a number of added benefits. Even though there are other companies that offer similar services, you will find ours are a cut above the rest.

You Can Purchase a Shelf Company 24/7/365

If you have never owned or operated a business before, then you may not realize that there is no such thing as “9 to 5” when you start your first venture. In fact, even during the planning stages, you may already be sacrificing nights, weekends, and even lunch breaks in order to sort out how you will meet various goals. We believe that we should accommodate any schedule when it comes to purchasing a shelf company. Visit our site and you can purchase a company almost instantly any time of the day or night.

The Purchase and Company Ownership Transfer Process is Swift and Accurate

When it comes to starting a business, more than a few people have changed their minds just at the thought of completing all of the government and tax related paperwork associated with forming a basic business structure. Since our shelf companies are already registered with the government, you can have peace of mind in knowing that all of the initial administrative work required by ASIC has been done and done correctly. Just take a few minutes to fill out a simple form on our site, provide our trained staff with the required documentation and our software will update the ASIC company registers on your behalf. Here are some reasons why even established business owners prefer to work with us for various purposes:

• Our purchasing and ownership transference process is safe and foolproof – There’s no need to worry about forms getting lost or being processed by various government agencies;
• Convenient – no matter whether an established business owner wants to explore a new product line, or needs to see how a different organizational structure will work without upsetting an existing structure, being able to take ownership of one of our preregistered shelf companies without all of the filing steps saves time and effort;
• After purchase support – if you have any questions subsequent to purchasing a shelf company from us, our staff will be happy to answer them for you.

Our Shelf Companies Are Guaranteed Clean

Even though business owners and investors may try their hardest, there is always a chance that a business will fail. When this happens, the owner may elect to sell the company registration to someone else who will be able to make use of the number of years the company is in business. Sadly, this kind of purchase can be extremely risky for the following reasons:

  • it can be difficult, if not impossible to tell if audits are pending that may result in thousands of dollars in fines;
  • You won’t know if lawsuits from problem products or services are pending or about to be filed;
  • the company may already have a bad reputation, including with the group of people you want to sell goods or services to. Worse yet, there may be old advertisements or other information hanging around online or offline that will give you a bad image before you even get started;
  • old debts and other problems may become yours, or be very hard to get out of even if you are not the one responsible for the situation.

A shelf company from Co 4 You is guaranteed to be free of all these problems because we register each of the companies ourselves and then set them aside for future use. All required filings are done by our in-house senior team of registrars. Each member has decades of experience with these kinds of filings. They have meticulously kept up with all government regulations to ensure all of our shelf companies are in perfect order and are ready to use as soon as you receive the paperwork. You will never have to worry about ghost debts, audits because of past paperwork problems, or anything else that comes with buying a business from someone else.

Our Shelf Companies are Easy to Verify

Many people who have shopped around for a shelf company are amazed at the degree of transparency we offer in terms of verifying our claims about our 100% clean shelf companies. Before you buy the company, we will be more than happy to give you all the information you need to verify that the company is already legally formed and that it has never traded.

Easy to Pay for Our Services

Because of the way banking regulations and businesses in Australia work, we understand how hard it can sometimes be to obtain a bank account or other means to pay for our products. This is why we offer Stripe (who are considered to be one of the safest and most secure financial service and software providers on the planet) credit card payments in addition to electronic funds transfers (EFT). Regardless of the method that you pick, your transaction will be settled in a matter of minutes, as long as you have sufficient funds.

As business owners for many decades, we are all too aware of the problems that can come with unsafe web based financial transactions. To ensure the security of your transaction, we use state of the art servers and pay meticulous attention to making sure our staff follow safe computing standards. When it comes to choosing merchant processors, we choose only the best and safest in the industry. You will never need to worry about identity theft or other problems when you deal with us.

We Will Be Here After You Make Your Purchase

If you do some research on Australian shelf company providers, you will find more than a few who will sell you a company, send you the paperwork and then are never available to help you again. In contrast to this, we are driven to support you as much as we can so that you have a superior experience and better chance of succeeding. When you are able to start your business operations quickly and without a hitch, we know we have also succeeded and taken part in something wonderful. Allow our team to help you make your dream a reality now!

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